Pop up stage review – Erin Kinsey & Jess & The Bandits


The buzz about Erin Kinsey would now seem to be growing on this side of the Atlantic too. C2C weekend coincided with Spring Break (half term) for this talented and engaging 15 year old High School student from Dallas, meaning she only needed to get permission to miss one day of class to come here. Read more... “Pop up stage review – Erin Kinsey & Jess & The Bandits”

Joey Martin Feek of Joey & Rory passes away

Joey Martin Feek Age 40 dies from Cervical Cancer 4th March 2016

We have all followed Joey & Rory’s story. Back when Joey stopped her cancer treatment everyone thought it would only be a few short weeks until per passing but Joey was a fighter, she wanted to see Christmas with her family and it was a dream to see her Daughters 2nd birthday. Joey surprised everyone and in the months at home her and Rory sheared precious moments. A few days after Indiana birthday Joey told Rory she was ready to let go and kissed her family goodbye and slipped away. Read more... “Joey Martin Feek of Joey & Rory passes away”

Sara Beth – Album Review

Sara Beth – Sara Beth

Maddie and Tae in a recent interview highlighted the plight of the female country singer. “We came out of the gates with a bold message, and the fans have been with us since day one,”

This was after the release of “Girl in a Country Song.” What is the relevance of this in this review? All will become apparent at the end of the review. Read more... “Sara Beth – Album Review”