Miranda Lambert – The Weight Of These Wings Review

“I’m never gonna have an album that’s quote-unquote a ‘heartbreak album.’ Because everybody has bad moments, and then you come out of it, and you have a great moment, and then you have some sombre times. I want an emotional journey, because that’s what life is, and I want to document that.’ This is what Miranda told Billboard’ about The Weight of These Wings. Read more... “Miranda Lambert – The Weight Of These Wings Review”

Chris Young – It Must Be Christmas Review

Chris Young – It Must be Christmas

There are various approaches an artist can take when recording a Christmas album. There is quite a small ‘gene pool’ of standards available so which ones do you pick? Do you record them in their original 1950’s format or do you modernise and re-arrange? How many originals of your own will be tolerated because when it comes to new or original Christmas songs the buying masses are largely un-interested? One listen to Chris Young’s ‘It Must be Christmas’ album will re-assure you that, when faced with these questions and decisions, he made all the right choices. Read more... “Chris Young – It Must Be Christmas Review”

The Cadillac Three London Gig Review

Southern Country Rockers The Cadillac Three embarked on a headline tour of the UK. Their music is certainly on the rockier side of Country but the singles cross over really well into the Country charts.
When arriving at The 02 Shepherds Bush Empire I was surprised how much a rock crowd was there. I was expecting a 50/50 split between Country fans and rock fans but it was heavily weighted on the rock side. Read more... “The Cadillac Three London Gig Review”