Kenny Chesney – Cosmic Halleluja Review

Kenny Chesney – Cosmic Halleluja

There’s no doubt whenever Kenny Chesney releases a new album, it’s bound to be
successful. With 14 albums of which that have smashed gold or better, eight times
entertainer of the year Chesney releases the follow up to 2014’s The Big Revival with Cosmic
Hallelujah. The No Shoes nation leader would have us kick off our shoes and grab a cold one
while we listen, so let’s kick back and see how good it is. Read more... “Kenny Chesney – Cosmic Halleluja Review”


Whiskey Myers London

The guys took to the stage with ‘Early Morning Shakes’ which immediately showed off their musical talent. On to ‘Bar Guitar and Honky Tonk Crowd’ and everyone was singing along. Cody then took a moment to say how crazy it was that they had a sold out tour and thanked everyone for supporting them, explaining that it was being streamed all over the internet by Live Nation and joked that he wasn’t allowed to swear too much. Read more... “WHISKEY MYERS UK GIG REVIEW”

Tucker Beathard London Gig Review

Tucker Beathard – The Borderline London

On a cold night in London, Tucker Beathard took to the stage at the Borderline in London. As he kicked off the night with ‘Better Than Me’ straight away he had issues with sound cutting out. Tucker handled it brilliantly though and took the moment to joke with the crowd and it actually really set the tone for the evening – relaxed & light hearted. Read more... “Tucker Beathard London Gig Review”

High Valley – Dear Life Review

High Valley – Dear Life

In a year of strong debuts from acts such as Brothers Osborne, Cam, Chris Jansen and Maren Morris, I find myself in the unusual position of reviewing another one, right at the back end of the year, that might very well be better than all of those previously mentioned! High Valley are Canadian brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel – they have been releasing music in Canada for over a decade, indeed their album ‘Broken Borders’ won the GMA Canadian album of the year back in 2007!! Read more... “High Valley – Dear Life Review”