Aaron Watson – Gig Review London

Aaron Watson – The Garage, London, 27th Jan 2017

The Garage was a new venue for me. It’s a nice size, split level for good viewing with good acoustics. I will say however; it was like being inside a fridge! I quickly regretted checking my coat into the cloakroom!

Support for the evening was Honey Ryder. A solid set from Honey Ryder, great vocals and songs keeping the crowd entertained and warmed up for Aaron.

Aaron came out on stage as normal to ‘Freight Train’. It’s a punchy, lively song that gets the crowd going straight from the off! Then back to back songs from his 2012 album ‘Real Good Time’, the title track followed by ‘Summertime Girl’

Aaron then took a moment to tell us about how his Daddy had come home from serving his country in a wheelchair, so he wrote the next song for his Daddy. ‘Raise Your Bottle’ is always a crowd pleaser with many raising their drinks at the chorus. He went straight in to a story about how one day he was in a bad mood and his wife was doing everything in a great mood and he really wanted to put her on a pedestal which led to the first lyrics to one of the biggest songs off ‘The Underdog’ album ‘That Look’

The onto the new single ‘Outta Style’ which is from the new album ‘Vaquero’. A good upbeat song which had everyone dancing. Aaron then took a moment to take a couple of pictures of the crowd and joked that we were making him look like a superstar. He sent it quickly to his wife with the #whosyourdaddy ha!

Aaron is not just a great performer he’s a fantastic songwriter. All his songs come from the heart and many have a very personal meaning! The next song ‘July in Cheyenne’ is about world champion bull rider Lane Frost, but Aaron told the story of how after the death of his baby girl he was heartbroken and found it so hard to keep working, but he knew he had to make a living for his family. He met Lane’s Mum who told Arron that Lane’s greatest achievement was asking the Lord Jesus Christ to be his saviour, at that point Aaron felt a weight lift off him, so he wrote this heartfelt song for Lane’s Mamma. I have to say that I love to hear these stories from songwriters but it was hard to hear as people around me, which included the singer from Honey Ryder were talking so loudly. I personally found it disrespectful, especially from another artist who’d been lucky enough to support Arron and considering the subject of Arron’s story! Very disappointing.

Aaron then had his microphone changed because, to much amusement, it “smelt like Fish & Chips’. After the mic change, Aaron said “We’re just getting started” and got everyone clapping along for ‘Wildfire’. Onto another story and one I hadn’t heard before. He told us how he teaches his boys to play guitar, schooling them in good Outlaw Country. Then his little girl came to him with her Christmas list and on it was a Taylor Swift guitar. “Santa, that son of a gun bought it for her” and she asked him to teach her some Taylor songs from the songbook included. He agreed as long as she locked the door. When Jolie asked why he replied “I don’t want your Mamma putting this on Instagram”. He turned to a group of guys at the front and said “Bearded men…I’m sorry to let you down”. So there he was singing ‘We Are Never Ever, Ever, Ever like EVER Getting Back Together’ and he understood what it was like to be a 17 year old girl haha! Aaron said to take comfort that they new record has 16 songs and none of them sound like Taylor!

On to the up-tempo ‘Getaway Truck’ then the stunning ballad ‘Bluebonnets’. Again, I was surprised at the crowd noise during this intimate song. Aaron moved seamlessly from the tenderness of ‘Bluebonnets’ to the old time Country waltz that is ‘The Honky Tonk Kid’
Aaron then went on to introduce the band and each player had a chance to show off their amazing skills. Seeing a fiddle being played by a member of the crowd holding the bow was certainly something to behold! They went into a little uptown funk before returning to Aaron’s song ‘Reckless’.

Aaron was suffering with ‘The Sniffles’ as he called them but it didn’t affect his performance at all. He was full of energy, clearly enjoying himself and really connecting with the crowd.

Anyone who has even spent a few moment with Aaron knows that he a one of the nicest most genuine guys you could ever wish to meet, he was truly thankful to every single person who came out to the show, taking the time to meet everyone who waited to see him afterward, happily signing things and having pictures taken.

Aaron loves coming over here to play and he’s happy to put the work into building his UK fan base. 2016 was The Borderline with a capacity of 300, 2017, The Garage capacity 600. I look forward to seeing where 2018 takes Aaron!


Check out our pictures from the gig in our gallery and Eddie,s Interview will air soon on 2Country Radio


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