Kip Moore London Review

Kip Moore – London 6th Oct 2017

Since Kip first blew everyone away at C2C he has become a firm favourite here in the UK leading to another sold out show in London.

Unfortunately, I missed the first act and by the time I arrived the Shepherds Bush Empire was packed! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so busy, people had been queueing for that front row spot since 7am!

Drake White took to the stage and having seen Drake a few times now I was excited to see him again. Speaking to him before the show he said he had put together something special. You can imagine how utterly gutted I was when he started singing and I could barely hear a word he said. The sound for his set was absolutely shocking!
It got a little better but knowing how strong his vocals are it was a real shame. He started with ‘Heartbeat’ and everyone was instantly clapping and singing along. Then onto ‘Story’ before telling everyone he hoped they were living the dream just as he lead into ‘Living the Dream.’ Drake explained he was so happy his parents were in the crowd along with his wife wh0 he wrote the song ‘Making Me Look Good Again’ about. At this point, I did notice that although the crowd down the front were in the moment, singing along and really feeding off Drake’s energetic and mesmerising performance, the crowd nearer the back were chatting loudly about their daily lives. Onto ‘Feels Good’ and Drake was clearly loving the show, dancing all around the stage; his energy is infectious. A couple more songs and Drakes set was up, I honestly thought it may be the first time a support act got an encore with the applause that was coming from the crowd. I look forward to next time when Drake White headlines his own show.

After a short break it was onto Kip Moore; as soon as the lights dimmed the crowd went wild, it was apt that this first song was ‘Wild Ones. Everyone was singing so loud and Kip was happy to let them. Thankfully, they seemed to have sorted the sound out and before long Kip was up on his monitors dancing and jumping around for ‘Just Another Girl’.
By the time Kip got to ‘Beer Money’ the crowd were really going wild, jumping and singing every word to every song. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a pumped crowd. With ‘I’m to Blame’ Kip really had the crowd in the palm of his hand. His energy, vocals and connection to the audience makes a Kip Moore concert an experience like no other. After ‘The Bull’ came ‘Running for You’ which he ended with a guitar solo letting the crowd sing out and as always, Kip looked in awe of his UK fans. He then took a seat to sing ‘Heart’s Desire’ taking a moment to say “it’s our 3rd time coming over; when we first came here I knew something special happened with us and you guys. It’s not easy to come over here but we made a commitment to y’all like you made a commitment to us. I never cared about money or fame, I care about the music, song and heart. Thank you for giving us that”. Beautiful words which lead into ‘Bitter Sweet Memory’.

Kip then covered U2’s hit song ‘Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’ bringing Drake White out to sing with him. The band members each took turns to sing a line from the song. This was great to see, although the same as Miranda Lambert when she was here in the summer.

Everyone then left Kip alone on stage where he sat with his acoustic guitar to sing Tom Petty’s ‘Learning to Fly’. At this point I must say I was a little disappointed with the crowd; previously these acoustic moments have been intimate and given me chills but on this occasion, all I could hear was the people around me talking about what they had been up to that day, catching up on gossip etc, so much so that I couldn’t really hear Kip. This is an issue that we are discussing on our social media and please feel free to watch the video and leave us your thoughts on this.
‘Hey Pretty Girl’ was again barely audible from where I was standing which was a real shame. I was glad when the band returned to stage as they drowned out the chit chat. ‘Up All Night’ & ‘Something Bout A Truck’ lifted the atmosphere back up and again everyone was dancing and singing along with Kip; he even jumped down into the crowd much to the front rows delight! Kip finished his set with ‘That Was Us’. He finished to rapturous applause, foot stomping and chants of ‘Kip, Kip, Kip’

Kip came back on stage and said this is goodbye until March! He said he was going to leave us with the most personal song he has ever written. He told the story of an ex-girlfriend, (now I’ve heard this story before so I wasn’t missing out however, for those who haven’t they had no chance with the noisy crowd). He played ‘Guitar Man’ before finishing with a burst of energy for ‘Fly Again’ which had everyone waving their arms in the air.

Well Kip, there is no way the UK could ever forget about you! He put on a high energy, engaging, electric and intimate show. Kip Moore gives his all to the fans and we are all looking forward to C2C 2018!



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