Maddie & Tae London Gig Review

Maddie & Tae – Islington Assembly Halls, London
A full house awaited Maddie & Tae at the Islington Assembly Halls on a cold London night and to get things warmed up was the lovely Una Healy from County Tipperary, Ireland.

A former member of the Saturday’s, she exuded confidence as she took the stage delivering heartfelt song after song in her beautiful Irish voice. At one point stating that she loved the Saturday’s but was now out doing what she truly loved – original material!
Bringing her Celtic roots in to the mix with a beautiful folk song called ‘Black Is The Colour’, smoke drifted across the stage and gave the whole performance a haunting mystical feel.
Announcing that she’ll be collaborating with Gunner from the Nashville TV Series, the audience broke in to rapturous applause and now eagerly await the single!
Una was a fantastic opening act for Maddie & Tae; confident, so talented vocally and the audience truly loved her.

After a short intermission, the light’s dipped again and the band began the play the familiar opening bars of ‘Shut Up & Fish’ with Maddie & Tae emerging from the wings of the stage to a deafening welcome from the fans. The audience clapped and sang along to every line and the party began, Country style!
‘No Place Like You’ was the next song in the set and you could clearly see that the girls were having the time of their lives on stage here in the UK. Their harmonies are so tight and they’re positivity so infectious, it’s no wonder they’ve become so popular amongst the UK Country scene.

There was no need for Maddie & Tae to ask for any audience participation at any stage during the evening and as the duo paused during ‘Right Here, Right Now’ the audience sang every line right back at them after which, Maddie & Tae invited everyone to hang out with them after the show.

Maddie & Tae’s band are some of the most talented musicians I’ve seen and the electric guitarist in particular blew me away during ‘Waitin’ on a Plane’ and the presence of a fiddle in the band made this here Country boy a happy chappy! The band, along with Maddie & Tae are just so connected and they were an absolute joy to watch performing together.

The girls explained that this UK tour was a very last minute arrangement having told their management to scrap whatever was on their agenda because they wanted to get back to the UK. It was clear that everyone in the venue was glad they did! They also revealed that they were currently writing for their second album which was received with much applause and hollering. Personally, I cannot wait to hear new music from these girls.

As Maddie & Tae seamlessly slipped into ‘Fly’, Maddie removed one of her ear monitors so that she could listen to the audience singing the lyrics back to them. After the song ended, they thanked the crowd for knowing the words to all of their songs and thanked the UK for allowing them to live their dream before asking the audience to sing the chorus to ‘Fly’ on their own.

An acoustic cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Landslide’ was next on the set list which was just beautiful. The girl’s vocals superbly matched, working so well together and delivering a performance that was so intimately perfect.
It was after this performance that the girls promised to come back next year and knowing just what the UK means to them, I know they’ll hold true on that promise.

The set continued to thrill as the girls performed ‘Downside of Growing Up’, ‘After The Storm Blows Through’ (a song written about a friend who lost their Dad very suddenly), ‘Smoke’, ‘Your Side of the Town’, to which the audience went crazy and a guy down front held his drinks glass between his teeth so he could clap along too!
Maddie & Tae were having a ball and took a moment to introduce their super talented band before explaining how when they write together, they sometimes write ‘filtered songs’ and then occasionally write ‘unfiltered songs’. Commences the story of ‘Sierra’, the girl who inspired the song of the same name and during the performance, I honestly think the audience sang the loudest I’ve ever heard at a gig like that.
Another cover, this time Rhianna’s ‘Umbrella’ – totally Countrified and totally awesome!

Maddie & Tae
Maddie & Tae

As the evening drew to an end, Maddie switched to Mandolin and the familiar intro to ‘Girl in a Country Song’ began to fill the assembly halls. With the audience in full swing and singing along, it was the perfect song to end an incredible evening of Country music. The girls left the stage but came back out quickly to rapturous applause and rounded out the evening with a couple of encores which left you feeling thoroughly entertained.

The first time I heard Maddie & Tae, I became a big fan and I said that there was more to the girls than just ‘Girl in a Country Song’. That there was a maturity in their music that would see them attract a massive and loyal fan base and allow them to enjoy a long and successful career. It’s certainly happening and I wish them continued success for the future.


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