Miranda Lambert Shines in London

Miranda Lambert in London August 2017

British act Ward Thomas were opened for Miranda; having first met the girls before they even had any music out it’s been so interesting to watch their progression in the industry. I found their vocals and harmonies amazing and the crowd sang along to some of their more well-known songs like ‘Cartwheels’. I felt the girls really looked like they were enjoying themselves with the track ‘Town Called Ugly’ however, the only thing I felt lacked was interaction with each other. They spend most of the set at either ends of the stage meaning it lacked a little chemistry between them. That said, it didn’t detract from their talent at all.

Time for Miranda Lambert and from the moment the band stepped on to the stage and started playing, everyone was on their feet. She burst onto stage with ‘Fastest Girl in Town’ and straight into ‘Kerosene’. Miranda looked happy, relaxed and thrilled by the instant response, thanking everyone for coming out before going in to ‘Heart Like Mine’ & ‘Highway Vagabond’. Miranda told the crowd she was hoping to make lots of new friends this evening and everyone cheered as she sang ‘We Should Be Friends’. There was a moment of quiet and the crowd were cheering, thoroughly enjoying themselves which made Miranda smile. Standing in the spotlight on her own she captured everyone with her strong vocals as she began singing ‘Vice’.

‘Baggage Claim’ was up next then in to ‘Over You’ which she always delivers in a way which leaves the whole room feeling the emotion. At this point I personally thought ‘House That Built Me’ would come next to keep with the mood but cleverly, so as not to dampen the excited mood in the room she brought it straight back up again with ‘All Kinds of Kinds’ and Miranda had everyone in the room waving their hands. The band also came to the front of the stage waving their hands too. Miranda looked bowled over by this reaction and when she went to get her guitar for the next song I saw a little fist pump from her. Onto her huge song ‘House That Built Me’. Always an emotional song which she got through with beautiful vocals and as always, a real connection with the crowd. The next song had been much anticipated all night… Miranda put on her ‘Pink Sunglasses’ and delivered the song in a real sassy/sexy way; she was dancing and working the crowd, many of which also had their pink sunglasses on too. Miranda took a moment to explain that a while back she got a divorce; this was the first time I’ve actually heard Miranda mention it! She explained how she’d started drinking a little too much which led to her getting mouthy. Out of this experience she wrote the song ‘Ugly’ which she merged into ‘Mammas Broken Heart’.

Miranda then took time to introduce each member of her uber talented band leaving her British pedal steel guitarist from Essex until last. He got a deafening cheer that didn’t stop for a long time! Miranda said “Yes! I’ve been waiting 6 months to do that!” She then spoke about her great friend Gwen Sebastian (her backing singer) and how she’s a talented singer in her own right and has a new single out which she wanted everyone to hear. As Miranda stepped off stage, Gwen came forward to sing her new song ‘Cadillac’. It’s a great song and I urge you to check out her music. The real surprise of the night came next! Everyone knows that Miranda’s boyfriend Anderson East is from the UK (although lives in the States) and I knew he was going to be around for the show. Miranda explained how they had just written a song together and proceeded to bring him out on stage to sing ‘Getaway Car’. Just the two of them and a guitar, it was beautiful. I felt the way she brought Anderson on & how they were together was low key, they just let their connection and talent do the work.

After ‘Automatic’ & ‘Little Red Wagon’ she sang ‘White Liar’ which everyone sang along to (the crowd were getting louder by the song!), at this point Miranda couldn’t help but show her emotion and once the tears started they didn’t stop! She continued to sing without missing a note but was desperately trying to wipe her eyes & nose! A crowd member even handed her a tissue 
She finished her set to ‘Gunpowder & Lead’ and the audience went wild, the noise was deafening as she left the stage.

She returned to the stage for a solo performance of ‘Tin Man’ which was simply stunning then finished the night taking turns with other band members and friends to sing the U2 hit ‘I still haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’. DBP_0108

To be honest at the beginning of the evening I was worn out from a long day & looking forward to bed time however; a few songs in I was singing, dancing and so glad I was there… this is the mark of a great entertainer! Often when you see an artist play their own show for the first time in a different country, you see something magical and I certainly felt that with Miranda. She looked like she was having a fantastic time and I dare say it was one in the memory bank for her.

I know that people didn’t necessarily come away with the same feeling at the Glasgow gig and I would love you to leave me a comment letting me know your own Miranda Lambert experience.



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