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Little Big Town – The Breaker Review 3rd April, 2017


Little Big Town – The Breaker

So called because of its final track and because of the hard time the band had recording it, The Breaker’, Little Big Town’s 8th LP sees the band coming back into the Country fold again after last year’s bizarre experiment with Pharrel Williams on ‘Wanderlust’. The less said about ‘Wanderlust’ the better really although that willingness to experiment and push the boundaries has served to give the band the shot in the arm that they maybe needed at this stage in their careers. Read more...

Natalie Hemby – Puxico Review 3rd April, 2017

natalie hemby

Natalie Hemby’s has penned and co-written some of the best known songs for some of the best known artists in country music. Boasting such tracks as “White Liar, “Only Prettier”, “Automatic”, “Keeper of the Flame”,( winning song of the year for Automatic at the ACM and Nashville songwriters ) written for Miranda Lambert, “Good Ole Boys Club” for Kacey Musgraves along with tracks for Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, Carrie Underwood and Rock band Halestrom. A pretty impressive CV as far as song writing goes, so we should expect a lyrically good album with her first solo –Puxico. Read more...

Josh Turner – Deep South Review 3rd April, 2017


Josh Turner – Deep South

To many new devotees of Country music the name Josh Turner wont ring many bells but ‘Deep South’ is actually Turner’s sixth album, although his last one was released back in 2012! Yes, he isn’t a new artist but almost a relic from a time long forgotten when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and Country music wasn’t commercially popular, pre-Swift if you like. Read more...

Lauren Alaina – Road Less Travelled review 17th February, 2017


Lauren Alaina – Road Less Travelled

Lauren Alaina is a 23 year old Georgia native who, since coming runner up on season 10 of American Idol, has seen her fair share of life. A debut album, ‘Wildflower’ was released in 2011 in the aftermath of Idol and work was begun in 2013 on her follow up release and an oft forgot about single, ‘Barefoot & Buckwild’ was even produced but then Lauren disappeared from view. She didn’t really re-surface until last year when she released a new EP and played shows in both the USA and over here in the UK at the C2C Festival.

Sarah Darling – Dream Country Review 15th February, 2017


Sarah Darling : Dream Country

Sarah Darling has experienced quite a lot in her 34 years. She was a top three finalist on reality music TV show ‘The Entertainer’ in 2003 which lead her to chase the Nashville dream. Two albums appeared in 2009 and 2011 for major label , Black River Records. Sarah was marketed as the ‘next girl next door Nashville sensation’ in curls and primary colours singing cheeky songs like ‘Something to do with Your Hands’. Read more...

Kane Brown Album Review 12th January, 2017

Kane Brown

Kane Brown – Self Titled

Welcome to a review for the biggest selling debut album of last year, and it was only released in December! Yep, you read that right – in a year of strong debut releases from the likes of Chris Jansen, Maren Morris, High Valley and Drake White, (to name but a few), this self titled debut release outsold them all! Read more...

Kenny Chesney – Cosmic Halleluja Review 29th December, 2016


Kenny Chesney – Cosmic Halleluja

There’s no doubt whenever Kenny Chesney releases a new album, it’s bound to be
successful. With 14 albums of which that have smashed gold or better, eight times
entertainer of the year Chesney releases the follow up to 2014’s The Big Revival with Cosmic
Hallelujah. The No Shoes nation leader would have us kick off our shoes and grab a cold one
while we listen, so let’s kick back and see how good it is. Read more...

High Valley – Dear Life Review 2nd December, 2016


High Valley – Dear Life

In a year of strong debuts from acts such as Brothers Osborne, Cam, Chris Jansen and Maren Morris, I find myself in the unusual position of reviewing another one, right at the back end of the year, that might very well be better than all of those previously mentioned! High Valley are Canadian brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel – they have been releasing music in Canada for over a decade, indeed their album ‘Broken Borders’ won the GMA Canadian album of the year back in 2007!! Read more...

Miranda Lambert – The Weight Of These Wings Review 18th November, 2016


“I’m never gonna have an album that’s quote-unquote a ‘heartbreak album.’ Because everybody has bad moments, and then you come out of it, and you have a great moment, and then you have some sombre times. I want an emotional journey, because that’s what life is, and I want to document that.’ This is what Miranda told Billboard’ about The Weight of These Wings. Read more...

Chris Young – It Must Be Christmas Review 16th November, 2016


Chris Young – It Must be Christmas

There are various approaches an artist can take when recording a Christmas album. There is quite a small ‘gene pool’ of standards available so which ones do you pick? Do you record them in their original 1950’s format or do you modernise and re-arrange? How many originals of your own will be tolerated because when it comes to new or original Christmas songs the buying masses are largely un-interested? One listen to Chris Young’s ‘It Must be Christmas’ album will re-assure you that, when faced with these questions and decisions, he made all the right choices. Read more...

William Michael Morgan –Vinyl Review 6th November, 2016


What does maturity mean? Anyone? William Michael Morgan is 23 years old. He’s just released his debut album, he’s a father, he released his first independent album at 13 years old, moved to Nashville at 18 and secured a publishing contract with Warner at 19 Read more...

The Cadillac Three – Bury Me In Boots Review 23rd October, 2016


‘Bury Me in My Boots’, is the second studio album from southern country rockers The Cadillac Three. If you love the distinctive sound they laid out on their first self-titled album, then you will not be disappointed! Read more...

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