The Brook Chivell Band

What are these people all talking about? (drum roll, Ray) Well, it’s the late 2011 release of the debut CD by Australia’s own The Brook Chivell Band. 10 tracks of quality country rock including 8 original songs including the first single drive on, a short original bluegrass instrumental called baked beans on toast and a powerful version of a Cold Chisel classic.

The Brook Chivell Band
The Brook Chivell Band
Brook is always at pains to make sure this is known as ‘a band’ and not a solo CD. He recruited some of Melbourne’s best players that just happened to be some of his best mates. From the sound of this CD, he is lucky to have such good friends because the writing, playing and production are all first rate!

With drummer Ray Deegan and bass player Dan Meiners, you have a rhythm section who lock together seemingly effortlessly allowing the melodic, tasteful guitar lines of Paul Gales and Brook to shine. When you add not only the songwriting but the lead and backing vocals of Brook and Anthony Emery – along with several guest musicians you get what is a great collection of songs indeed. And let’s not forget the beautiful duet Brook sings with amazing singer, Elise Beattie!

So what to do with a group of musicians who’ve written and recorded a CD of this quality? The simple answer is to point them all in the same direction and give them a gentle shove! And that’s where the rise of The Brook Chivell Band comes in. Having begun rehearsals in the second half of 2011 based on the album tracks and some tasty cover songs, TBCB are ready to start getting the songs, the live show and the CD ‘out there’ for everyone to hear and enjoy! Let the rise of The Brook Chivell Band begin!


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