The Cadillac Three London Gig Review

Southern Country Rockers The Cadillac Three embarked on a headline tour of the UK. Their music is certainly on the rockier side of Country but the singles cross over really well into the Country charts.
When arriving at The 02 Shepherds Bush Empire I was surprised how much a rock crowd was there. I was expecting a 50/50 split between Country fans and rock fans but it was heavily weighted on the rock side.

The Support act was Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown. These guys are very talented but completely on the rock side. Being a Country fan I could appreciate how great they were and I could see how the crowd responded so well to them but it wasn’t really for me. Rather than support it felt like a full gig set they played and they certainly had everyone rocking out. I was stood next to Sam Palladio (Gunner from Nashville) and he was loving them!
After a short break The Cadillac Three took to the stage with the title track to their new album ‘Bury Me in Boots’. Jaren’s vocals are so unique and smooth and it was lovely they started with a song you could hear him sing clearly on.

During ‘Tennessee Mojo’ everyone was bobbing their heads and singing along. On to ‘I’m Southern’ a real rocky number and just as they started Jaren stopped and said “Hang tight my S*#t came loose”. He had to fix part of his guitar before continuing with the song.

Jaren took the time to thank everyone for coming out saying “We Sure as hell appreciate it”. He explained how last time they came over they supported Eric Church then joked how this was way better and Eric could kiss his ass but added he was just joking and didn’t want to get in a fight with Mr. Church.

The Cadillac Three
The Cadillac Three

Things were slowed down for ‘Graffiti’ which I have to say I really like when they strip things back a bit. Jaren spoke about his wife and how they were expecting a child and was so pleased his wife was there for the evening. With a single spotlight and completely stripped back he went into ‘Running Red Lights’ no drums just guitar, vocals and the crowd singing. I wasn’t overly familiar with this song but have since added it to my playlist!

Jaren said how cool it was and he was crying in between songs which wasn’t very rock star, he continued that personal connection with the crowd explaining how he asked his wife to marry him and explained how he wrote the next song for her. Into one of the bands biggest songs ‘White Lightning’. As soon as the first note was played everyone cheered and was singing along. The guys left the stage to applause and calls for more.

They returned for a 2 songs encore with the Shakedown before finishing on ‘The South’. Everyone was singing and clapping along. Jaren, Neil and Kelby looked like they were having the time of their lives and for just 3 guys on a stage they sure put on one heck of a show. Some Country fans may find the whole show a little on the rock side but with the tender moments with ‘Running Red Lights’ and ‘White Lightning’ there was a good balance to the rockiness. Over the years The Cadillac Three’s popularity has grown here in the UK and I can only see this continuing


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