Tucker Beathard London Gig Review

Tucker Beathard – The Borderline London

On a cold night in London, Tucker Beathard took to the stage at the Borderline in London. As he kicked off the night with ‘Better Than Me’ straight away he had issues with sound cutting out. Tucker handled it brilliantly though and took the moment to joke with the crowd and it actually really set the tone for the evening – relaxed & light hearted.

With ‘Ride On’ Tucker showed off his guitar skills before moving in to a real groove for ‘Smokin’ Things’. Tucker then spoke about how after playing the UK with Dierks he wanted to come back straight away and was thankful for everyone coming to the show on a Sunday night. He explained how he was making a live recording of the show and how he was trying to do songs he doesn’t normally perform as he wanted them recorded and this led to ‘She’s Gone’ which he thought might be a train wreck, but it certainly wasn’t!

After playing the first song he wrote way back when he was a teenager, he asked for a shot of tequila, well he actually asked for a bottle so he could share shots as he loved everyone in the venue. Then his new single ‘Mama & Jesus’ which is no doubt another biographical song about Tucker’s wild years. It has a cool groove and I’m sure will be another great song for Tucker. After this song a huge amounts of shots appeared on stage and Tucker explained that he doesn’t normally do this but he’s in London, so why not!

Tucker changed from acoustic guitar to electric for a couple of songs and whereas this can often signify a rise in volume and energy Tucker actually used it as a real intimate moment as he sang a song about a girl who doesn’t stay gone.
Back to the acoustic and a change of pace for ‘Whiskey in a Wine Glass’. Tucker said how amazing it was that people in another country would know his name just before launching in to ‘Home Sweet USA’ which the crowd absolutely loved and sang along to. Tucker was clearly blown away by this, flashing his cute dimpled smile at the audience. I’ve chatted to Tucker before and I know he’s really shy, but that shyness comes across as endearing and sweet on stage. I think everyone felt connected to Tucker in that moment.

At this point someone asked for ‘Rock On’ which was Tuckers first single and helped launch his career. He responded by laughing saying ‘It’s not like I’m not gonna play it ha-ha. I have two songs left and it’s one of them ;)’ The penultimate song was ‘Fight like Hell’ and this song has a real anthem feeling about it. As promised the last song of the evening was ‘Rock On’ and had the whole of the Borderline singing and dancing along.

Tucker took the time to meet everyone after the show and he clearly enjoyed every second of the evening. Touring the UK is important to him and he is keen to build his fan base here, so expect to see more of Tucker in the future!



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