Whiskey Myers London

The guys took to the stage with ‘Early Morning Shakes’ which immediately showed off their musical talent. On to ‘Bar Guitar and Honky Tonk Crowd’ and everyone was singing along. Cody then took a moment to say how crazy it was that they had a sold out tour and thanked everyone for supporting them, explaining that it was being streamed all over the internet by Live Nation and joked that he wasn’t allowed to swear too much.
Next up was ‘Dogwood’ then a real tender moment with ‘Broken Window Serenade’. This is a stunning song and you could really feel the connection between the band and the audience.

Things then picked up again with ‘Lightning Bugs and Rain’ followed by the title track from their latest album ‘Mud’. The whole audience was rocking out with the boys. Cody then explained how they were going to get wild for a few songs and there was a noticeable rise in the sound and energy in the venue when they started playing ‘Headstone’.

They guys then enjoyed some interaction with the crowd with Cody raised his hands to encourage the crowd to cheer, lowering his hands to quieten and up again for more cheers, the band did this for a little while and couldn’t stop laughing throughout. They then covered The White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army’ which went down a storm. The rockier ‘Frog Man’ followed with a change in lead vocals for ‘Different Mould’. This song has a really catchy melody and even if you didn’t know the song you were quickly grooving along.

At this point in the show most of the band left the stage to leave Cody on vocals, acoustic guitar and one of the band members on fiddle. I wasn’t expecting this from Whiskey Myers but loved it, as getting to hear the fiddle is a real treat for a Country fan. Cody then explained that he was going to sing one of his favourite songs he’d ever written; it’s about his small town life titled ‘Trailer We Call Home’. He was then joined by percussion for ‘Anna Marie’. It was wonderful to have this stripped back acoustic moment in the show. The rest of the band then returned to the stage and cranked it up again with ‘Wild Baby Shake Me’. The drummer came out to dance looking a bit like a spider monkey to me, hitting a cow bell in time with the beat and it was brilliant. Cody joked that “Man he can sure play a cow bell”.

As the boys finished their set it’s fair to say everyone felt they had their money’s worth. To loud cheers the guys left the stage and the background music came on signalling that there was no encore. A few moments later as people were starting to leave, Whiskey Myers suddenly came back on stage saying “we were out of time but f*#k it”. All of a sudden people were rushing back in to the venue so they didn’t miss out on this impromptu encore.
I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed the gig; it was rocky & Country with some real tender moments. Each member of the band is a hugely talented musician and they all gel together seamlessly. I found myself touched by some of the songs I was unfamiliar with and felt a real connection to the band. This is the first time I’ve seen Whiskey Myers but I can say for sure, it won’t be the last!



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